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Mindex - Android Funktions


Mindex - Integrity


The Integrity album is the result of 5 years worth of Mindex's collected works. It consists of parts created in different moments of life, related to various of experiences.
This album can be compared with a mandala, kaleidoscopic image, where totally different, unlike elements scrupulously assembled into one clear sonic painting.
Experiences of meetings and separations, love, friendship, journeys, seasons and deep spiritual practices served as an inspiration for each track.
As in all previous releases Mindex demonstrates here how beautiful, and delicate electronic, and live instruments could be merged; futuristic sound designs and Jazz. Deep basses, flurrying lower chakras, and ethereal female vocals that are capable of carrying your mind away to an unknown reality.
If you like to dance to unhurried driving beats and travel into your inner self, behold fantastic landscapes in your imagination - this album is for you!

Mindex - Teleport


Mindex - Sphinx


Mindex - The Adventures of Multi-Dimensional Caterpillar


Mindex - Lucid Dream


Mindex - Full of Love


Mindex has worked quite a long time on this EP, going through experiments, trial and error, trying to blend elements of different styles well. As a result the most dense sonic consistence was achieved, saturated over the entire spectrum. Mindex has collected four tracks for the EP, all full of bright details, glitches, harmonies and melodies, with dubsteppy basses cutting through the air here and there. In the track "Rain" listener's ears are tickled by nice grainy sounds with all the other components of the track strung on these. While listening to "Full of Love" you should put on your wetsuit as there's plenty of water. Seems like it's a spring or creek flowing down. The track "In Search of Truth" helps you to find the truth about contemporary electronic music without any limits in ability of self expression. "Melting" is a non-standard combination of jazz, filthy electronic bass and crunchy beats.

Mindex - Dream Big feat. Christina Sofina


In November of 2011, Mindex, jazzy downtempo and glitch hop music producer, met Christina Sofina, the soul-singing hip-hop diva of Moscow. The musicians got on well quickly and decided to collaborate, driven by a common idea. This meeting was a lucky one for Mindex as he had been looking for a vocalist with a smooth and jazzy style of singing. Christina's voice blends well with Mindex electronic sounds, adding warmth and an even deeper dimension to his music. The result of the first studio session was the track "Dream Big," carrying a vintage sound, light and airy. Later on, Mindex made 2 remixes of the track, which are also included on the single.

Mindex - One Day in Cocoon


The track "One Day in Cocoon" combines fragile female vocals and precise electronic structure, comprising delicate melodies and hard-hitting drums. Designed to mirror the male and female forms, hot and cold - these two opposites are intertwined in a picturesque tapestry of sounds.
The title of the track and the single came about when the musicians, fascinated by the process of making music, realised that they had stayed in the studio for more than 24 hours, surrounded by walls covered with a material resembling to a surface of a cocoon.
Thoughts about the variety of life forms on planet Earth, as well as the ability of any living organism to transform, prompted Mindex to write the track "New Life Form." It's an attempt to connect the organic and mechanic to create a new unique sonic form of life. In this track you can hear the living, breathing bass, mechanical sounds of the percussion, and the turquoise pearl sound in the background, all forming a landscape for an unknown living creature of sounds.

Mindex - The Neverland

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